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KMARIN Mission

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Powering Global Energy Movement in KMARIN Way


Knowledge - Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge is a crucial element of our business. We do an extensive research and have a wide range of knowledge for effective ship management and ownership. We consider various sources of knowledge in our decision making to make a wise choice.

Management - We Do Things Efficiently!

Our company is structured in a way that allows efficient management. We are open and honest. We talk and listen to each other. We seek advice and respect others’ opinions. We do things right!

Ambition - Ambition is the Path to Success!

We set our goals high, we never give up and we make the most of our resources. We maintain an ideal environment for work and obtain satisfaction in doing a job well. We strive to achieve our goals.

Reliability - Trust Us!

Trust is built with consistency. We build good relationships with our partners. We set high standards and yield the best results. We have a high sense of our responsibilities for our commitments. We are a reputable leader!

Innovation - We Create Changes!

We look out for new and innovative ideas. We encourage each other to think creatively. We support others to be innovators. We continuously support and develop.

Network - We Connect!

We have developed tight relationships with blue-chip partners. We act as a bridge between shipyard and cargo. We wish to positively influence and be influenced!

Global New Leader for Energy TransportationAbout KMARIN

KMARIN is a ship owning and managing company that transports energy across the ocean. With highly skilled labor force and technical expertise within the company, we have been making a great progress towards building a new platform for energy transportation.